Flooring Care after a Party

Your party went successfully and your guests we’re happy and enjoyed themselves. If you are a great hostess and enjoy providing entertaining events for your family and friends, then you are probably aware of the aftermath that can and will take place on your upholstery and floors from these well-arranged parties. It is part of being the hostess with the mostess and the event planner you are. Preparing for such accidental mishaps should be well intentioned and planned ahead as to whom you choose as your reputable carpet cleaning company. Consider using Carpet Cleaner MFD.  Visit their website at www.carpetcleanermfd.com

Wine Party

Keeping your carpets maintained after a party is something that will encourage a long life out of your floors whether it is carpet, tile or wood. A reliable carpet cleaning company will ensure that whatever type of flooring you own will look brand new after completion of a maintenance cleaning or spot removal service. Let’s not forget about your upholstery as well, seeing that your guests will be taking seat as they enjoy the evening of celebration. Where we stand and where we sit take the most beating, due to the excessive use they succumb to. Spot removal service is available to cleaning companies that are professional and have the experience. These companies would understand the pile the weave and the material that is used to make up either your flooring or your furniture. So precaution will be taken when cleaning your items.

While planning your party you should also plan and schedule a date with your carpet cleaning company to come and do a detailed scrubbing of your upholstery and floors so that you can continue and your day-to-day life until your next big event. Your guests won’t feel that they have been an inconvenience one spells happen, nor will you feel the Continue reading “Flooring Care after a Party”

Being a Great Hostess

Having a party is a big event that takes time and preparation no matter the size of your guest list. You want to keep your guests entertained and look out for their enjoyment throughout the course of the event. This is where being a good hostess comes into play.

A host or hostess should always take into consideration a number of important details that involves keeping their guests stress free, entertained, energized and staying for the duration of your party. So how can you be a great hostess?

Greeting: Greeting your guests as they arrive to your event is key and making them feel welcome and the feeling that their attendance is of great importance and are appreciated by you. So this takes planning on your part to make sure that all of your details that are needed for your party are done ahead of time, so that you can give do attention to your guests. Food, decorations, setting of the table and last minute corrections should be made ahead of time. Guests may feel the fact that you being busy handling all the last minute details, is be rude and inconsiderate. So a word of caution and a piece of advice is to be prepared.

Punctuality: Being on time is not just for your guests. As a host or hostess you want to be aware of your timing, rather it be finishing up your meal, for the entertainment or being completely prepared before the arrival of your guests. Nothing says more of a downer of a party is when the hostess is Continue reading “Being a Great Hostess”

Planning an Anniversary Party

Your upcoming wedding anniversary is just around the corner and you would like to make it a special one. So in this article I will give a few tips and ideas on how to make your wedding anniversary special. Putting this type of vacation does not need to be stressful, nor does it need to be very expensive if you’re on a budget. The reason to celebrate is to bring honor to the choice you made to choose your husband or wife. So keeping that special and valuable reason in mind as you plan will help in making the right decision and all the elements that you want to include in the special occasion.

If you’re wanting to occasion to include family and friends, don’t look at it how many are attending the event. If you want to keep it simple, in the sense of a backyard barbecue or a picnic in the park then obviously the decision on invites will have to be considered. If this is a newlywed anniversary then remember that you had your wedding and cost should be considered greatly.

If you want your occasion to be just you and your spouse, then proper planning to make your anniversary memorable and successful is necessary. This will be an opportunity for you and your spouse to Continue reading “Planning an Anniversary Party”

Game Night

A great way to gather your family or a group of friends is to have a game night. Game Night is a social event that encourages all to communicate and enjoy each other’s company, with a theme. The game night could be any type of board or trivia games that encourage group interaction. In this day and age human conversation is evermore lessened then times before. Having a game night with friends or family will encourage interaction that is now becoming a lost technique.


To plan a memorable game night, first use a game that will be appropriate for all those who are attending. This would mean to choose a game that all can easily and enjoy and is not too difficult to play. You may be the intellectual type who loves the trivia and history games, of endless memorization of dates, numbers and puzzles but some of your family and friends may not Continue reading “Game Night”

Girls Night In Bunko Party

Do you want to invite some of your favorite girls over for a fun evening without spending a whole lot of money? A budget friendly girls night can be hard and enjoyed. In this article I will give an idea of a girls night party that can turn into a weekly or monthly event for yours and your favorite friends.

Bunco night:

Bunco is a fun easy dice game that can be played during conversation. All you need is the following:

  • 3 Tables with seating for 4 at each
  • 9 dice
  • 12 people
  • 12 pencils or pens
  • 12 pieces of paper
  • Food
  • Refreshments

DiceAs you can see so far, the setup is pretty easy and inexpensive. If your girlfriends don’t mind sharing and bringing a snack, then consider asking them to bring something of their choice. If you have out of town visitors we recommend this house sitting company, housesittingchandler.com, for the east valley. You can also consider having a theme with each Bunco night you throw. Anything from a Mexican Fiesta to a costumed theme party can make this evening much more fun.

Also, you can have a first and second prize for the winner in Bunco. It could be according to the theme that you organized or just a random gift. Consider a bottle of wine for the grand prize or a collection of bath body essentials. Another idea could be, that you could arrange with your girlfriends that one or two is responsible each game night for providing the gift for the winner(s).

The Bunco game:

What is Bunco?

Like mentioned before, this is a game that can be played while in conversation.  It is a simple and easy dice game. All players or just a few players can win prizes.

There are 6 Rounds and 12 players, divided up into Continue reading “Girls Night In Bunko Party”

Party Planning on a Budget

Planning your next home event does not need to be a daunting task or be expensive. With access to many avenues of creative ideas, you can plan your next party in such a way that is show stopping yet economical.

How do you plan a budget-friendly event?

  • Planning: Planning is essential in entertaining. Having enough time from the start of your planning phase to the day of your extravaganza is key to a successful event. Depending on the size of your guest list, you should give weeks to even months of planning time. Schedules should be made as to when each element of your party-planning phase is completed. For example, if you are planning a small BBQ then you would give at least two to three weeks planned time. If you are planning a Bridal Shower let’s say, you need to give at least 2 – 4 months planning time.
  • Budget: Having a good control over your planning budget will allow room for you too plan accordingly and stick to the dollars and cents. You don’t want to go over budget. The more money you are spending, the more stress you will develop after your guests leave.  The budget should start before the invites go out in the mail. Menu planning, decorations, refreshments, music and the like should all be budgeted up front. This way you have a little room to have unnecessary expenditures.


  • Menu: Planning your menu for your event will allow the foodie inside of you to come out. You want to appeal to your guests, by presenting plates that encourage second helpings if all possible. There are many selections of recipes that you have access to through the Internet in from friends and family. Even consider having your menu printed on your program or an announcement board for guests to view. Doing this could make a great conversational piece around the dinner table.


  • Decorations: Any event whether big or small deserves some form of decoration. If it’s a barbecue give it a BBQ theme. If it’s a Girls Night then decorate to give your party a girly fashion. Your decorations do not need to the expensive nor do they need to look cheap. There are many inexpensive yet eye catching decorative pieces that either you can make your purchase from local or Internet stores. As this article is focused on keeping a budget, making sure you have your decoration expenses planned out in the very beginning of your party planning process, will give you an idea of how many decorations or if any decorations are really needed.

Continue reading “Party Planning on a Budget”